"Working with Bourgeois Productions was a refreshing experience. Elizabeth Simon has her finger on the pulse! I've never encountered such a hard working individual who cared so much about the projects and the musicians she's worked with. She literally does it all, designing amazing poster art, coming up with creative advertising campaigns and being a total social media mavin! It was a pleasure to work with her even before we met in person and I hope to continue putting on amazing shows with her in the future." -Katelyn Sullivan, Kitten Grenade 


"Elizabeth Simon is the hardest working person I've ever encountered when it comes to booking and promotion. Friendly as shit too." -Bryant Miguel, Electric Strawberry


"Bourgeois Productions Presents is a figure head in the Bay Area music scene. Elizabeth has quickly become one of the most sought after promoters in indie rock (and beyond) due to her work ethic, understanding of music, and community nature that shines through in all of her work. I recommend Bourgeois to any musician or group looking to have a reliable company behind your show."  -Stephen Beebout, Urban Scandal Records


"Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeois Productions Presents is hands down the hardest working promoter that we've worked with in any market. We're lucky to have her in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elizabeth was very intentional about putting together a bill that she believed in, and that we all could believe in. Her handcrafted promotional materials are eye-grabbing, and were out in public and on the web with plenty of time to get the fans planning their attendance. I'm excited to see her continued work in uniting musicians to form a cohesive Bay Area music scene. A Bourgeois Productions Presents show is an event!" -Jared Milos, Dogcatcher



"Elizabeth Simon and Bourgeois Productions Presents organized an incredible concert experience, both for my band and for the audience. They went above and beyond the call of a concert promoter, providing video recording and signed posters in addition to a crackshot publicity campaign and a highly attentive presence at the venue.   

In addition to my work as a performer, I am a longtime music promoter in the North Bay. From the eyes of a promoter, Bourgeois Productions Presents work highly impressed me. Seeing their work inspired me to do my work better as well!" - Josh Windmiller, frontman of The Crux and director of the North Bay Hootenanny



"Not only are Bourgeois Productions Presents shows consistently an interesting mix of taste making Bay Area bands and out of town sounds alike, but Elizabeth crafts a show that is well publicized, skillfully documented with both video and photo, and really fun. Happy Fangs really enjoyed the opportunity to play with 3 other awesome bands to a rowdy crowd. Our show with Bourgeois Productions Presents at Elbo Room with Teenage Sweater, Mr. Loveless and Here Come Dots was my favorite show that we've played this year!" -Rebecca Gone Bad, Happy Fangs



"We always look forward to working with Elizabeth. She books strong, cohesive bills that create a community Bay Area indie rock bands need to flourish. We are lucky to be able to work with such a rad, professional promoter." 

-Derek Schultz, Owl Paws



"Working with Bourgeois has been a dream. Elizabeth really knows how to put on a fun show that will run smoothly. Really hoping to work with her and Bourgeois again soon." -Gary Bladen, Cold Eskimo



"Elizabeth Simon and Bourgeois Productions Presents is the vital link between the newest, finest, and freshest blood of San Francisco's indie rock scene and the discerning, show-going public. When Here Come Dots (Portland) landed a Bourgeois bill supporting an impressive cast of SF bands, and after seeing the promotional ingenuity and push behind this particular show, I knew we were in for an awesome night. I've never seen so many people dancing, sweating and getting down to small-club indie rock bands in my life. Beautiful mayhem." -Robin Washburn, Here Come Dots



"Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeois Productions Presents has great taste in music and knows what bands are hot. I am always impressed with the bands she picks. You will find me at as many of her shows as humanly possible."

-Stefan Aronsen, Sf Intercom



"Bourgeois Productions Presents is probably the best promoter we've ever worked with. Elizabeth puts a ton of work into making every show a success and her show posters are true works of art. We look forward to doing more Bourgeois shows in the future." -Jeff Kay, The Dandelion War 



"We not only choose to work with Bourgeois because they are doing something similar to what we're trying to accomplish but ethically they represent something that is dwindling in SF...artists building a community type network that's pushing beyond the boundaries of what normally goes on and is accepted in the scene. Both the artists and venues they choose to work with made it an easy decision." -Nate Higley, Vela Eyes