No.1 Thursday, February 16th @ DNA Lounge 

Pocket Full Of Rye, Garrin Benfield, Local Hero, Before The Brave, Headcavern 


No. 2 Wednesday, July 11th @ Elbo Room

Before The Brave, Branches, Owl Paws


No. 3 Wednesday, November 28th @ Elbo Room

French Cassettes, Black Cobra Vipers, Brolly



No. 4 Wednesday, January 30th @ Elbo Room

The Dandelion War, Caldecott, Before The Brave


No. 5 Wednesday, February 27th @ Elbo Room

Coast Jumper, The Gold Medalists, All Your Sisters


No. 6 Thursday, March 14th @ Bottom Of The Hill

Coast Jumper, Cannons and Clouds, Owl Paws


No. 7 Wednesday, April 10th @ Elbo Room

The Easy Leaves, These Old Wounds, Shake Your Peace


No. 8 Thursday, April 25th @ El Rio

Hungry Skinny, Coo Coo Birds, Black Cobra Vipers


No. 9 Wednesday, May 15th @ Elbo Room

Mister Loveless, Teenage Sweater, Happy Fangs, Here Come Dots


No. 10 Friday, June 7th @ Elbo Room

French Cassettes, Vela Eyes, The Trims, DJ Omar, Jacob Fury


No. 11 Saturday, June 15th @ El Rio

The Dandelion War, Brolly, LEMME ADAMS


No. 12 Saturday, June 22nd @ Cafe Du Nord

Bears! Bears! Bears!, All Your Sisters, The Tenderloins


No. 13 Wednesday, July 17th @ Elbo Room

Owl Paws, Cold Eskimo, Dogcatcher, The Crux


No. 14 Sunday, Aug 15th @ Thee Parkside: IndieMart

Doe Eye, Picture Atlantic, Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony, Cannons and Clouds, Hungry Skinny, SF Rock Project



No. 15 Friday, Jan 17th @ Slim's

Vela Eyes, The Surgeon Generals, Ghost Parade, LEMME ADAMS


No. 16 Friday, May 2nd @ DNA Lounge

Mammoth Life, Memory Motel, Kitten Grenade, Electric Strawberry


No. 17 Saturday, May 31st @ DNA Lounge

Future Twin, El Terrible, Jamie Jams


No. 18 Saturday, July 5th @ Great American Music Hall

Religious Girls, The Surgeon Generals, Rich Girls, Taxes


No. 19 Friday, July 18th @ Elbo Room

Coo Coo Birds, Happy Fangs, Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony, Dangermaker


No. 20 Friday, August 1st @ DNA Lounge 

El Elle, Dot Punto., ISHI, The Y Axes


No. 21 Friday, August 8th @ DNA Lounge

Brasil, Cash For Gold, Field Medic, Grandma's Boyfriend


No. 22 Friday, August 15th @ DNA Lounge

Saffell, Survival Guide, Kitten Grenade, I Am Animal


No. 23 Friday, August 22nd @ DNA Lounge

Giggle Party, Doppio, Your Cannons, Callow


No. 24 Friday, August 29th @ DNA Lounge

Halcyonaire, Mile Meddle, Thick Red Wine, Zen Zenith


No. 25 Friday, September 19th @ Elbo Room 

Hungry Skinny, LEMME ADAMS, Talk Of Shamans, El Terrible


No. 26 Thursday, October 9th @ Slim's

Royal Jelly Jive, The Highway Poets, Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra


No. 27 Wednesday, October 15th @ Monarch

DJ Honeycomb Brown, Electric Strawberry


No. 28 Wednesday, October 29th @ Monarch

DJ Honeycomb Brown, El Elle, Spooky Mansion


No. 29 Saturday, October 25th @ El Rio

Brother Grand, Saffell, Pasiano


No. 30 Thursday, December 4th @ Slim's 

Branches, The Lower 48, Joshua Cook & The Key Of Now, Travis Hayes and the Young Daze


No. 31 December 31st @ Monarch 

The Lovemakers - New Year's Eve



No. 32 Sunday, January 11th @ Make Out Room

Strange Hotel, Future Twin


No. 33 Friday, January 16th @ Great American Music Hall

Fritz Montana, Scissors For Lefty, Hooded Fang


No. 34 Sunday, January 18th @ Make Out Room

Coo Coo Birds, Paisano


No. 35 Sunday, January 25th @ Make Out Room

Girls & Boys, Dogcatcher, Kitten Grenade


No. 36 Friday, February 20th @ Great American Music Hall

The Trims, Spooky Mansion, Tino Drima


No. 37 Saturday, March 7th @ Great American Music Hall

Hungry Skinny, Happy Fangs, LEMME ADAMS, Strange Hotel


No. 38 Friday, April 10th @ Great American Music Hall

Lakes, The Lower 48, Coo Coo Birds, Down Dirty Shake


No. 39 Saturday, May 23rd @ Great American Music Hall

Cellar Doors, The Love Dimension, Buzzmutt, The Bad Jones


No. 40 Saturday, June 27th @ Great American Music Hall

Curious Quail, Bonnie & The Bang Bang, Travis Hayes and The Young Daze, DJ Stefan Aronsen



No. 41 Saturday, March 19th @ Bottom of the Hill

Hungry Skinny, The Lower 48, Mars and the Massacre


No.42 Saturday, March 26th @ Elbo Room

FASIV, Dangermaker, TBA